“When I met Steven Reeder, I felt like I was scattered to the four winds at all times. My life had no focus and it felt like everything was unraveling in every corner of my life. Steven was very astute, helping me understand where I wasted vital energy each day on things that haven't mattered in years. Steven gave me tools that greatly improved my outlook on the world around me. Since working with Steven, I now have a clear direction for my everyday life and I no longer throw my energy away on things I cannot change or that should remain in my past.”
- Bob Latham, Technology Professional

“Steven Reeder has created a most significant way to bring closure to elements of my past and moved me into who am I today. His highly tuned intuition, preparedness, clear communication style and example-driven message is so comforting and stimulating at the same time. My husband noticed a resolve in me immediately. He stated, "You are always so calm after you talk with Steven." With Steven, I found answers to so many questions, something that eleven years of therapy had never accomplished.“
- Janel B., Indianapolis, IN

“Thanks to Steven Reeder for being a great presenter. The time went by so quickly! The information was great, and valid as we all work so much. His delivery of the material was very effective and he managed to illustrate his points with examples I face in my day to day, making it much more applicable. A great reminder that what helps us individually ultimately helps the company in turn. Very well done.“
- Lisa M., AbbVie

“Steven is a wonderful, masterful coach. He is equal parts challenging, friendly, supportive, kind-hearted, and expectant of excellence. His tone, care, professionalism are all on display and shaped and informed my own. He earned my trust and my admiration. Hire him, he is amazing.”
- Karen D., South Bend, IN

"My first session with Steven was such an eye-opening experience. Being so sensitive, it takes an ultra-safe environment for me to open enough to get into the core of an issue. Steven provided exactly that, from the start. He had a beautiful way of intuiting how to meet me where I was, in a manner that encouraged me into a more expansive view of my situation. It was amazing to get so deep in such a short amount of time together. What a surprise to walk away with insights I didn't even know I was missing. Thank you, Steven!"
Leah Boelman, Rochester, MN

“Steven creates a stable, solid space for learning and growth, so that when you leave you feel armed with useful information and a strategy of how to apply the concepts that he talks about. He makes complex concepts simple and tangible for easy application in real life. He makes the topics interesting and enlivening, and really shows how to strategize difficult and challenging issues, leaving the audience feeling energized and motivated.”
- Barb Heenan; Bodhi Road Inc.

“I had the privilege of participating in three iPEC certification training modules in which Steven Reeder was the co-facilitator. His presence was key to the success of each module. He is very knowledgeable and approachable, and commands the audience's attention with finesse. Steven will be an asset to your organization.“
- Mattie Scott, CPC, iPEC Coaching Student

“There is a great deal of reference and conversation around conscious choice, but little concrete information describing what it really is, how to create it, and make true and lasting change in life by utilizing it. Steven really helps you understand and integrate those concepts into daily life, and tie it all together and create positive change. This change results in an ability to be present, fully engaged, and proactive rather than reactive, enabling you to make better choices and decisions, and be in control of your own future. This is just priceless information.”
- Jann Jaffe, Forward To Success

“Steven did a wonderful job in laying a foundation of an individualized way to think about how we take better control of our own work life balance. Not a prescriptive 'here's what you can do' but more interactive and tied to personal goals. ”
- Workshop attendee

“Steven's delivery of the material was very effective and he managed to illustrate his points with examples I face in my day to day, making it much more applicable. This new insight created clarity for me. Thank you!”
- Workshop attendee

“Thank you Steven, for your instant connection - and for adapting your leadership to my needs. Thank you for helping me to tap into my intellect, and for playing there with me - this leap to graduate school is directly connected to the thirst for knowledge and delight in exploration that you helped me to tap into and that we shared on our calls. Exhilarating only scratches the surface of the experience - now that I've opened that treasure box, the lid is off for good! ”
- Maia Beatty; Cleveland, OH