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Energy Leadership Index Assessment

Energy Leadership is a program and process that develops a personally effective style of leadership that positively influences and changes not only yourself, but also those with whom you work and interact, as well as your organization and life as a whole.

In other words... everyone is a leader!  It's not a question of whether or not you display leadership, but how you lead.  Ever meet someone who can just liven up a room?  That person is a leader, because their attitude affects those around them in a visceral way.  Ever spend time with someone who drains your energy?  That person is also a leader; they're simply leading with ineffective qualities.

You're a leader, every minute of every day, everywhere you go. How are you leading? At home? At work? Your health? Your finances? 

The Energy Leadership Index Assessment (E.L.I.) provides quantitative results on how individuals are ‘showing up’ in their lives.  It gives you a tangible measurement of your specific strengths, and what's blocking you from success. It reveals unconscious perceptions that might get in the way of being as motivated, fulfilled, and inspired as you want to be.

This assessment and debrief, combined with one-on-one coaching, supports individuals to develop their ability to motivate and inspire themselves, their teams, and their co-workers, into positive and sustainable action. 

In a one-hour debrief, we explore together your specific E.L.I. results and how they apply: what's getting in your way, how to move forward, and with what specific strengths. Whether your journey is personal, professional, or otherwise, there's no better time than right now to start creating your life the way you want it.

If life is "just fine" and you don't want to rock the boat (or the world), then a tool like this might not be for you, and that's OK. But keep in mind that words like fine, alright, OK, and good enough are common words that serve as a veneer to cover up long-term coping, settling, complacency, and just good ol' fashioned coasting.

Wondering if that's the case for you?  The E.L.I. can answer that for you! Not only that, but it can also reveal the strengths you possess that can move you beyond just settling for where you are.  

The E.L.I. is not a personality assessment.  It's a dynamic assessment that shows (among other things) how you're currently handling stress, to what degree, and even how prone you are to being triggered by specific stressors. Once you know these, you can then specifically work on those factors, and change your results over time!

This assessment has been recognized by Forbes as "one of the Top 10 assessments for understanding your strengths and challenges." Once you realize that your quality of life is directly related to your personal choices in each moment, you can take back control and actually love the journey.

The assessment is taken online, and the debrief can be done via phone, webcam, or in person (by appointment only).  Ready to get started?  Book a consultation session with me, or sign up for the assessment right now! 

Personal Coaching

In-person and/or phone sessions help you examine and shift away from whatever is disrupting your path to success and fulfillment. 


From an hour to twelve weeks, Life and Leadership Development topics include personal transition, grief, creating balance, inter- and intra-personal skill development. 


Lunch & Learn's, men's/women's groups, associations, LGBT community services... we bring engagement, understanding, and content value to your event.