How To Move From 'Victimized' To 'Victorious'? In A World of Chaos

Ever feel like the world just won't let up? Like you just can't catch a break? "When's it going to be my turn?" We all feel that way sometimes. There's more than one way through it, and through it is the way. If you want to know the way, you have to read the signs.....Read

Transformation: A Cross To Bear, Or A Bridge To Cross?

A lot of people (my mom included) wonder what I do all day with this funny job title of "coach." Basically, I build bridges....Read

Get The Funk Out!

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Tell Me How You REALLY Feel!

After two decades in corporate America, let me share some honest feelings about honest feelings....Read

The Choice of Freedom

Freedom is a hot topic in our country right now. How free do you feel to choose the life and the future you want? Is a lack of choice inhibiting your success? Choosing to be free is only possible - for a person and a nation - when you understand how perception directly affects your sense of freedom....Read

The Art of Being HAPPY

Life is a journey. Sometimes we lose our way. Sometimes we have to go home to find ourselves again. An independent film explores one artist's journey back from being "a sponge full of icky" to HAPPY....Read

Out Of Your Mind? I Hope So.

I've learned the hard way - many times over - that living in my head chokes the joy of life. If you want to do what you love - and love what you do - you might just have to be out of your mind. That's a good thing! Here's why.....Read