I've always worked in a professional capacity of service. From my beginnings as a Walt Disney World "Jungle Cruise" skipper, to two decades in corporate America, I learned to embody the concept of service.

Today, I serve and support heart-centered life-long learners to understand of the nuances of what transpires around and inside of themselves, while they pursue their purpose, dreams, and unique impact on the world.

Through a model of Energy, Power, Choice, and Authenticity, I call on my original "Jungle Cruise" spirit, and the Energy Leadership™ coaching process, to help my clients create their authentic selves: at work, at home, and everywhere they go. I've done my job when clients recognize how and where they've given their power away, and take concrete action to reclaim it, so they can take their new understanding to a place of implementation when they're ready.

I'm a Certified Professional Coach, Certified Grief Recovery Specialist, and Energy Leadership Master Practitioner. I've partnered with such organizations as AbbVie, American Society for Quality, Age Forward, Bodhi Road, Namasgay, and Metropolitan Community Church to present practical, tangible material creating instant impact on grief, work/life balance, and major life changes. I'm also an Assistant Trainer and Success Coach for the iPEC Coach Training program; teaching and supporting students and clients to raise the consciousness of the world one person at a time.

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