What are the keys to getting your life, your work, and your purpose in order?


Energy is the capacity for action. If you're alive, you have energy.


Power is energy with an agenda. It is focused energy.


Choice is the greatest power you have in this lifetime. It determines how and where you focus, manage, and direct power. Even when you feel you don't have power, you always have choice. Therefore, you always have power.


Authenticity is the result of choices made through constructive and congruent thoughts and feelings.

However, many of us were taught it's not OK to show our true feelings. We're taught to "stay strong," "keep it together," "don't feel bad," "stay busy," "don't rock the boat," "just give it time," and so on.

Ignoring or denying our true feelings — no matter the reason — diminishes our authenticity, which limits our power to make wise choices, and drains our energy. We try to bury feelings like grief, sadness, frustration, guilt, loneliness, resentment, overwhelm, apathy, or worry, and hope they go away and no one notices. Unfortunately, the buried feelings come out in other ways, disguised as burn-out, fatigue, pressure, apprehension, stress, anxiety, disease, aggression, addiction, or isolation.

You can turn that around.

What To Do

I invite clients to gain deeper understanding of the situations they find themselves in. My goal is to inspire, educate, and support people in taking action. Our conflicting and unresolved feelings — in whatever form they take — aren't a cross to bear, but a bridge to cross, and come out the other side. I meet people where they are in any given moment, without a burdening expectation that they be different. Together we help you find your lost energy, restore your power, make empowering choices in the moment, and step into your authenticity to live consciously with gratitude, joy, and passion.

One-on-One Coaching

In-person and/or phone sessions to help individuals to shift from "a cross to bear" to "a bridge to cross." Together we identify and develop skills, strengths, resources, abilities, and strategies to overcome challenges and maximize confidence, passion and engagement.


The Energy Leadership™ Index is a one-of-a-kind assessment that pinpoints your specific blocks to success, giving you a baseline for your current situation. This assessment and debrief, combined with coaching, helps people develop their ability to motivate and propel themselves into positive and sustainable action.


From an hour to twelve weeks, Life and Leadership Development topics include:

  • The Grief Recovery Method
  • Mapping Personal Change   (description)
  • Seven Levels of Leadership   (description)
  • Creating Balance Your Way   (description)
  • The Yellow Brick Road Less Traveled
  • Attitudinal Intelligence
  • Challenging The Inner Critic
  • ...or material customized for your group!


Lunch & Learn's, men's/women's groups, associations, LGBT community services... we bring engagement, understanding, and content value to your event.